Regla María Aguila Hernández

Regla María Aguila Hernández. Bachelor of Education in History and Social Sciences. Master in Political Science. Leader of the Cuban trade union movement. Head of the Training Department of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC). Teacher of the trade union school system. Member of the Pedagogical Coordination of People’s Education. She is dedicated to union theory and practice, organizes, advises, controls and evaluates training in the system of improvement, preparation and training for union cadres and leaders at the national level. She studies the role of trade unions in the political system, the world of work, as well as the challenges and perspectives of international trade unionism. She is the author of methodological texts for the training process in the organization, has published articles in the CTC Review and for the Trabajadores newspaper, official organ of the CTC referring to the improvement and training of union leaders in grassroots structures, and reflections on the need for unions in socialism, Cuban civil society, and ideological work in the formation of class consciousness. She participates in national and international events on class preparation. She has taught in trade union schools in Latin America. She is a member of the National Council of the CTC.