Meet the ex-CIA agents deciding Facebook’s content policy

Meet the ex-CIA agents deciding Facebook’s content policy* By Alan MacLeod (Posted Jul 14, 2022) Originally published: MintPress News on July 12, 2022 (more by MintPress News) | It is an uncomfortable job for anyone trying to draw the line between “harmful content and protecting freedom of speech. It’s a balance”, Aaron says. In this official Facebook video, Aaron identifies…

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Speeches from the 18th World Trade Union Congress

From May 6 to 8, 2022, the 18th World Trade Union Congress was held in Italy, in the Italian capital, Rome. Representing 93 countries, more than 99 delegates took the floor during the Congress. Here are some speeches that address interesting issues about the international trade union movement. Kandikuppa Hemalata,…

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China: “The United States should have already been taken to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin launched an unprecedented attack on the United States, claiming that Washington is not only “the biggest saboteur of international and regional peace and stability, but also… the “devil.” . “The United States is using so-called democratic sensibilities to completely destroy sovereign countries. They should…

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The DANGEROUS Strategy of the US and its allies against CHINA

Two days ago, it was announced the strategic agreement of military cooperation of the US, Australia and Britain, aiming a clear target: first China and then Russia. The policy of the US and its allies revives the international geostrategic image in conditions of cold war. It also proves, once again, the…

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