The importance of the WFTU TUIs*

Any organizational structure, any apparatus in itself can neither make a work “flourish” nor destroy it. The structure may help more or less but the structure will not be the determining factor. The final judge is life itself, in time and place.

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Always on the side of the working class of India*

12th Triennial Conference of CITU January 17-21, 2007 – Bangalore India Speech of W.F.T.U. General Secretary George Mavrikos. Dear friends and comrades, It is a pleasure and an honour for the World Federation of Trade Unions to participate to the 12th Triennial conference of CITU and we cordially…

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On social classes*

Many books, many papers, countless articles have been and are being written on worldwide level on the issue of the “classes”. During the last centuries, the ideological conflict on the issue of class structure of capitalist society is intense and lasting. It is constantly being heightened. So, as fighters…

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The King is naked

The entire planet is deeply immersed in the coronavirus pandemic. To this day, there are 921,002 infected and 46,153 dead, according to official data. The situation is tragic on all continents. Thousands of families mourn their dead, hundreds of thousands suffer from the disease and millions of people live with…

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