China: “The United States should have already been taken to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin launched an unprecedented attack on the United States, claiming that Washington is not only “the biggest saboteur of international and regional peace and stability, but also… the “devil.” . “The United States is using so-called democratic sensibilities to completely destroy sovereign countries. They should…

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China COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, China has committed to making its COVID-19 vaccines a global public good. On multiple occasions, high-level Chinese officials have declared that China is fulfilling this pledge by exporting and donating its COVID-19 vaccines to as many countries that it can. This has generated a…

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The DANGEROUS Strategy of the US and its allies against CHINA

Two days ago, it was announced the strategic agreement of military cooperation of the US, Australia and Britain, aiming a clear target: first China and then Russia. The policy of the US and its allies revives the international geostrategic image in conditions of cold war. It also proves, once again, the…

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Mao Tse Tung: On The Question Of Stalin

Note: In order to seek the historical truth we need all points of view. We do this by publishing authentic texts by Mao Tse-tung, a great leader who influenced world history. The texts are authentic without any interpretations or footnotes. It is about documents of great importance and meaning….

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WHO approves Chinese coronavirus Sinopharm vaccine for emergency use

The World Health Organization announced on 7 May that it has approved the vaccine against Covid-19 from China’s state-owned pharmaceutical company, Sinopharm, for emergency use. The vaccine, one of the main Chinese vaccines already given to hundreds of millions of people in China and beyond, becomes the first Covid-19 vaccine developed…

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