PAME Greece: ETUC-Industriall Prove Once More Their Role as Lobbyists of the Industrialists

PAME Greece: ETUC-Industriall Prove Once More Their Role as Lobbyists of the Industrialists

A few weeks after QATARGATE revelations about the former General Secretary of the ETUC, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) together with its branch organisation Industriall have again confirmed that they lobbyists of the industrialists and not workers’, trade union organisations.

As they announced with many smiles, the new General Secretary of the ETUC and the General Secretary of IndustriAll Europe met with US Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai to “discuss the need to support European companies”, to avoid “a trade war” and to develop “strong trade”.

Indeed, they bluntly portrayed the US government as pro-labor, supposedly supporting collective bargaining, just weeks after the Biden administration banned railway workers from demanding a collective agreement by imposing with an ‘Iron Heel’ the will of the monopolies.

It is no coincidence that QATARGATE is not commented on by the ETUC and INDUSTRIALL, UNI and other organizations. They cannot condemn themselves and their dirty operation, their servile relationship with imperialist powers and multinational corporations.

They meet with emirs, imperialist ambassadors, representatives of the multinationals and promote their interests, calling workers to inaction, “social dialogues”, and class cooperation. They are organisations of gold-plated EU executives, lobbyists of imperialist centres and multinationals who have nothing to do with the working class.

The response of the workers, of the militant trade unions must be to strengthen the struggles, class struggle and solidarity. The strengthening and massification of the militant unions and the isolation of the servants of the imperialists and the monopolies.