About us

Dear friends,

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to make this website public with a single objective: to help those who find some of the publications and documents I have chosen useful.

I studied political and social sciences, and, since I worked for many years at the WFTU headquarters in Athens, I have served its principles and values. I have believed in the role and the necessity of its existence. Unfortunately, the necessities of life forced me to leave Athens and stay with my family outside of Athens. In this sense, I thought about taking advantage of a part of my free time, through a web page where I could project some opinions of militants that are close to my opinions.

We live in a period where ideological debate is intertwined with everything, and therefore young people need ideological arguments. So, I selected the posts found on this page. The selection has been exclusively based on my criteria. I would like to thank my friends who agreed with the publication of their texts. Thank you all. Furthermore, I especially thank George Mavrikos who, together with the leadership of the WFTU and all his colleagues, have brought the WFTU to the level it is today.

Since I do not have the possibility to translate the texts, I publish them in the language that I found them or in the one that their authors have sent them to me. You will have to look in the upper right corner of the page to see what type of publications and articles are in the language of your preference.

If you find something useful in the selected texts or those that I will pick in the future, you can share them with your friends and colleagues.

I wish you all good health.


T. K.